Secrets Of Longing For Longevity

Biologists define Longevity as the average life span of an individual under absolute conditions. In lay man terms, it is defined as – long life, a great duration of life.
Goal Of Longevity : Striving for the maximum potential age along with a healthy life. When we say maximum age, we do not mean, just living on and on for many years.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY -is what we have been looking on for all these years in almost every aspect of our lives. So how can we overlook this quality, when it comes to our health and life?

Achieving longevity without Vibrant Health would be nothing more than a “Pyrrhic Victory” .

Such a long life would be as nugatory as the living dead. Imagine, living a long, unhealthy or diseased life, full of sufferings – ‘ The Nagging Pain ‘ is all you will get out of such a miserable life. All you would do is, just live for the heck of living and wait for your impending death to put an end to the long standing agonies.
The goal of longevity, thus, goes hand in hand with the idea of a vital, happy and healthy life. Infact, enjoying an excellent state of health is the crucial factor in achieving longevity.

Having said that, would you wish for longevity without quality?
Some of us think that our genes determine our longevity, but, the truth lies in the fact that genetics account for a maximum of 30% of our life expectancy.

Now the question arises, where does the rest come from?
It is not just a matter of longevity genes, but rather one’s ability to resist the diseases – the strength of the immune system, the ability to make efforts for one’s own health (by feeding body with wholesome and nutritious food, ditching the bad habits, not exposing your mind and body to stress, get proper rest, prevent occurrence of diseases ) – this is what determines longevity.
For death is uncertain, is inevitable. This might leave you mystified. But trust me, if you have lived your share of a long, healthy, vital and happy life, you have managed to live your life to the fullest. Once you satiated with your life, your perception about death will entirely change.

If whatever stated above, is achieved, who would fear death ?
Who would not welcome death with arms wide open.?
The idea of Death never gave me creeps (Death- a universal truth), but the thought of it, is what scares me. Most of you, reading this article will be able to relate to the idea. And, No matter, how positive we might seem about life, but when the word Death is introduced, it leaves a frown on most of our faces.
Put in efforts to make your life happy, vibrant, long and a healthy one. For, we live only once right? So give it your best shot. Ultimately, life is how you make it. It’s your choice how you live it.
Even I am no expert when it comes to life and no one really is. Its all about choices, they do make a difference.

How Is Longevity Defined?

Biologists sometimes define longevity as the average lifespan expected under ideal conditions. It’s hard to say what’s ideal. Plenty of medical research is ongoing about the “right” amount and type of exercise to get, the best diet to eat to maximize longevity, and whether certain pharmaceuticals or supplements can help improve your longevity.

How You Can Increase Your Longevity

If you live longer than the average person, then you could be said to have longevity. Striving for your maximum potential age is the goal of longevity. This potentially can be reached by practicing healthy behaviors and attitudes.

Longevity is defined as “long life” or “a great duration of life.” The term comes from the Latin word longaevitās. In this word, you can see how the words longus (long) and aevum (age) combine into a concept that means an individual who lives a long time.

The most important part of this definition is the comparative nature of it. Long life implies longer than something—and that something is the average lifespan.

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